The Tour Myth

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One pro’s journey from the depths of golfing despair to becoming the first player in European Tour history to score -24. Throughout this insightful evening Carl shares advice given to him by some of the world’s leading players and unlocks the myths that sabotage performance on the course, improving your confidence, consistency and enjoyment.

Evening Itinerary


19:00 Arrive

19:30 The European Tour Dream
What was the pressure like to play alongside some of the most successful players in the world,  in front of 20,000 spectators & millions on Sky TV. How did Carl become the first player in European Tour history to score -24.

20:00 The Tour Myth Game
This interactive part of the evening tests your knowledge of the game, helping you to understand the importance of psychology in golf and sport.

20:30 Half Way House

20:45 The Game Management System
Carl Watts was given advice by some of the worlds most successful players & caddies, which he will share dispelling the myths of the game that sabotage your consistency and enjoyment.

21:30 End

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“Fun, inspiring, practical, motivational, myths shattered!”
Ron Gainsford 18 HCP

“Engaging, funny and inspiring, every junior needs to know this!” 
Sam Huddlestone JUNIOR

“Terrific evening with friends, a must for all golf societies, brilliant”

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