Carl Watts The Tour Myth

What attendees think…..


“Fun, inspiring, practical, motivational, myths shattered!”
Ron Gainsford 18 HCP

“Engaging, funny and inspiring, every junior needs to know this!” 
Sam Huddlestone JUNIOR

“Excellent presentation, eye opening, motivational and unusual”
Roy Keirstead 24 HCP

“Terrific evening with friends, a must for all golf societies, brilliant”

“What an inspirational presentation, an aging golfer has been given hope”
Annette Huddlestone SENIOR

“Very powerful yet simple message”
Saul Dolby 12 HCP

“Insightful, impactful, Carls energy and enthusiasm is infectious”

“What an inspirational presentation. Even an aging golfer with gammy knees has been given hope”
Annette Huddlestone

“Eye opening, straightforward, great fun, looking forward to the next round”
Allan Collyer

“An excellent and lively presentation. Very informative and enjoyable”
Chris Fernie

“A brilliant evening and an eye opener”
Alan Peacock

“Excellent Presentation, very practical, thought provoking concepts”
Graham Wyatt

“Simple but powerful”
Geoff Brown

“Excellent presentation, eye opening experience, motivational and unusual”
Roy Keirstead

“Excellent lively evening, hopefully great impact on my game, many many thanks Carl”
John Wills

“An eye-opening experience, will definitely help a great deal with my game. very enjoyable. Faultless, interactive and great fun, would recommend this to any golfer.”
Alexander Welton

“Clear review of what all golfers should think about”
Kevin Murphy

“Fascinating facts which will definitely help to take the pressure off my game, improve my confidence and enjoy golf more”
Jen Cole

“Broke the game down into short and simple steps and provided many techniques to apply to my next game”
Christopher Simons

“Very good explanation of fundamental ways to game improvement and enjoyment”
John Elliott

“A most informative & interesting presentation. Very worthwhile”
Gerry Wyatt

“New boundaries, setting more attainable standards – feeling easier each round! Better scoring off scratch!”
Jonny Willis

“As a beginner made me feel more comfortable with my (inconsistent?) Game!”
Jo Willis

“Very good, very confident speaker and full of wisdom, great theories that work and he has many ideas that help and inspire others with their game”
Elliot Webster

“Great Enthusiasm, inspired to use the mind in my game”
David Huddlestone

“Attending this seminar opened my mind to what real golf is, Carl’s energy and enthusiasm is infectious”
Olly Foster – Reflex Sports Nutrition

“Carl is a well informed, intelligent and eloquent individual who has done the hard work for player in order to get them to simply improve”
Ali Cruden

“Very entertaining evening disposing of many myths, looking forward to playing scratch golf and enjoying my next game”
Mel Gunn

“Really Excellent – makes me realise my game is better than I thought”
Chris Conry

“Excellent presentation”
Allan Wild

Carl Watts Workshops

What businesses think…..


“Brilliant, Topical, Relevant”
Warren Cass : CEO & Founder Business Scene

“Simple but profound, loved it”
Mark Philips : Footprints

“Great speaker, very good at getting people involved and using props”
Jasper Wolley: Benefits Communication

“Very good, very engaging, brilliant, allowed others to talk, don’t change a thing”
Sam Berry: Banks Cooper

“Great speaker, hugely insightful, great interaction”
Hannah Martin : YMCA

“Brilliant, very informative, a pleasure to listen to, you must hear Carl speak”
Clifford Johnson : PCS Made Simple

“Excellent content, excellent speaker, brilliant interaction”
Bruce Bodio: Bodio

“Fantastic, informative, great confident speaker, lovely, everyone chipped in, it was such fun!”
Louise Ogbogu: Saxonbury & Kent Ltd

“Fabulous, articulate, sensitive, passionate!”
Saranjit Arora: Milan Solutions

“Excellent workshop, loved the demonstrations & visual aids, a real reminder of common sense that makes a huge difference”
Sheena Daymars : Bournmouth YMCA

“Profound, great interaction, excellent speaker!”
John Attridge : BBX

“10/10 for content and 10/10 to the speaker, great workshop!”
David Frankel : Venus Awards

“Awesome, thoroughly engaging, I usually get bored after 15-20 minutes, kept interest levels high throughout, excellent!”
Debbie Tarrier : DT Business

“Brilliant, very motivational, first class, 10/10”
Paul Stacey : Tennants Dream

“Hugely engaging, very thorough, really had the delegates interested throughout”
Emma Martineau : Phones 4 Business

“Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant”
Gavin Bain: BNI Founder Member